With our commission contract we offer you the possibility to give your vehicle into our experienced hands. We have expertise, a large network as well as passion and take over the full sales process, take care of viewings, negotiations and the completion of the sale.

Through our comprehensive service and sales expertise, we maximize the chances of selling your vehicle at a great price.

Dein Auto in
best hands

Time saving

Higher profit

No risk

Professionelle & transparente Beratung

We have excellent market knowledge as well as expertise and offer a high-quality presentation platform.


As a dealer, we have the opportunity to offer guarantees that can tip the scales in a purchase decision.


Through various financing options, we address a much wider range of customers.

Possibilities of exchange

We offer trade-in opportunities to buyers, further expanding our customer base.

Pictures & advertisements

We put your car in the best possible light in the ad and spare neither cost nor effort.

Showroom exhibition

We guarantee a sales-promoting presentation of your vehicle in our stylish showroom.